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Let's Learn

English Conversation Classes

In the summer of 2012, we took a major stride forward answering the village's broadly voiced need for learning Basic English conversation. Here the Centre for Learning Resources (CLR), Pune played a major role in giving us an interactive lesson plan which ran into 90 lessons in the first level and 85 in the second. We have been running the course for the last 2 years now and some 48 children have gone through level 1 in this period and 24 children have completed level 2.

The change is encouragingly visible. Dr John & Zakiya Kurien who visited us in June 2014, greatly appreciated the results and the boundless enthusiasm among the children, and the confidence gained along the course driven by Arvind Kumar. Besides helping students acquire the language skills, the classes conducted by us also tried to help gain a sense of discipline, punctuality and social decorum.

The children and the young adults are already looking forward to level 3 and this course widely appreciated across the cluster of villages is going to be our regular annual feature.

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